to Nov 26

The Do Good Badlies

The DGB is proud to be on the heavier side of a new Rock & Roll movement in Canada being led by bands like Hollerado and the Arkells. Heavy Alternative Rock drunk with 70's Rock & Roll swagger and a live show so energetic you can't help but be consumed by it. Think the Black Keys meets Queens of the Stone Age with just a touch of that classic "Can-Rock" sound.

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3:00 PM15:00

The Mahones and Friends

Afternoon Acoustic Concert in support of Martha's Table. $10 Donation

The Mahones formed on St. Patrick's Day in 1990, and have been working on their own brand of Irish punk ever since. With a working class ethic and a love of classic punk, Dublin-born Finny McConnell formed the band to combine his love of punk rock with his Irish culture. 

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to Nov 12

The Huaraches

The Huaraches are Kingston, Ontario’s finest/only purveyors of instrumental surf punk. They take the spirit of artists like Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and The Ventures, add reverb, jumpsuits and impunity, then just straight-up put on a show.

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to Nov 11

The Meringues

The Meringues have a whole new meaning for stage presence. They're like a freight train that's about to de-rail; an abandoned building leaning on it's last lonesome support wall. 

One screw comes loose, and the whole thing could come crashing down right in front of your eyes. Their live show is a catastrophe waiting to happen and you won't be able look away.

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to Oct 28

Major Love

MAJOR LOVE is a new album - and a band of bands - featuring members of Scenic Route To Alaska, Colleen Brown, Elijah Abrams and Jesse and the Dandelions. From Edmonton, Alberta by way of Kingston, Ontario, they make soulful pop-rock music for their hoser friends.

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to Oct 24


The core members of Goldwing are Ryan Gollogly (lead singer/songwriter, guitarist), Nick “Pickins” Patterson (banjo/vocals), Matt Kirby (electric guitar/vocals), Matt “Jeebs” Simpson (bass), Tony Silvestri (keyboards/vocals), with a revolving cast of musicians joining the band on stage to add drums and female vocals.

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to Oct 22


Aestrid is a three-piece band from Soest, the Netherlands. Their sound balances between post-punk and ambient electronic music meeting the wideness of shoegaze in the middle. Whether it is about the randomness while improvising, or the perfectionism that used to rule the early days of the band, Aestrid is always about the feeling that remains.

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to Sep 3

Georgia Straits

Often described as "not bad", "pretty loud" and "I saw them once when I was really drunk", Georgia Straits have taken the Kingston music scene by storm since their first show in September of 2016. With their energetic (borderline aggressive) indie sound and manic stage act, a Georgia Straits show will at best blow you away, and at worst leave you mildly entertained by the guy rolling around yelling into the mic. Ian Winkler and Dan Gillis both play guitar and lead vocals, Logan Barr tickles the ivory keys, and Josh Rodley pounds the drums and provides sweet, sweet back-up vocals. 

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to Aug 12

The Wilderness

The Wilderness was born from the words of Dick Prenicke, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Charles Bukowski, Irvine Welsh and other prolific 20th century writers. Through dedication and optimism, The Wilderness has completed the transformation from 4 university students to a fully formed indie rock band. With influences spanning an esoteric musical spectrum, The Wilderness will continue to reinvent itself and seek to draw in an audience that can handle the ride.

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to Jul 23

Paper Ladies

Once mortal enemies, Thomas and Joe grew to gain a healthy respect for one another, and chose to express this respect through music. With the imminent demise of their previous musical venture, The Stone Throws, the two quickly fell back into their old, hateful ways. The Paper Ladies is their latest attempt at maintaining respect for one another through the use of tasty licks and slick grooves. They hope to inspire dance and love throughout all who listen to their music, and have the dream that a fan will day name their twin sons Thomas and Joe (not necessarily after them, it'd just be nice). The boys invite you to come hang, dance, and love. No Guff.

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