Jun 24

The Tony Silvestri Band

Tony Silvestri is a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Piano virtuoso. At the age of 22, he has already made significant progress in the world of music.

Jun 18


BAG$ = Bag Money is a hip hop act from Kingston, Ontario, Canada featuring Cap't Footbags, Grampa aka Crackmoney & Death Metal Bob.

Jun 13

Rocket Surgery

Rueben deGroot has a vast arsenal of themes and ideas for a seemingly endless amount of excellent songs.  His phrasing and melodic ideas are as strong and flawless as his clever lyrical choices and although comparisons can be made and influences seen, there is nothing predictable about his music and approach to songwriting.

Jun 10

Paper Ladies

Once mortal enemies, Thomas and Joe grew to gain a healthy respect for one another, and chose to express this respect through music. With the imminent demise of their previous musical venture, The Stone Throws, the two quickly fell back into their old, hateful ways. The Paper Ladies is their latest attempt at maintaining respect for one another through the use of tasty licks and slick grooves. They hope to inspire dance and love throughout all who listen to their music, and have the dream that a fan will day name their twin sons Thomas and Joe (not necessarily after them, it'd just be nice). The boys invite you to come hang, dance, and love. No Guff.

Jun 4

Chris Koster

Chris Koster is a rare talent. A multiple-threat on keyboard, guitar and vocals, Koster continues in the tradition of Prince and Trent Reznor – self-contained, self-produced visionaries who know exactly where they are going and how to get there.

Jun 3

Miesha and the Spanks

Calgary's Miesha & The Spanks formed in the early summer of 2008 as an amplified two-piece version of Miesha Louie's crooning acoustic side project. With songs coming from the same confessional heart, the music matured into the rock 'n' roll Louie had originally sought, with the help of rotating members of "The Spanks"- into the current arrangement of grit soul vocals, ringing sixties guitar, jangly shuffling drums, and wheezing Hammond organ.

May 28

Oakridge Ave.

4 Friends born and raised in downtown Kingston sharing a passion for Music & Booze. Not always in that order.

May 27

The Tom Savage Trio

Tom Savage is what one might refer to as a triple-threat. One part truth-telling troubadour, one part death-defying guitar slinger, and one part Country Blues howler. Each facet of his formidable on-stage persona carefully crafted over a 20+ year devotion to the composition and performance of song.

May 20

Fossils & Gospels

Fossils & Gospels are all about the art and craft of music making, articulate and inspired drums, riffy rocking leads, groovy smooth rhythm, soulful sing song vocals inspired by the best songwriting bands of the past several decades

May 14

The Huaraches

The Huaraches are Kingston, Ontario’s finest/only purveyors of instrumental surf punk. They take the spirit of artists like Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and The Ventures, add reverb, jumpsuits and impunity, then just straight-up put on a show.

May 7

Home Grown Live Music Festival

Local musicians, venues and volunteers have again enthusiastically stepped up to re-create the HomeGrown Live Music Festival

Sweet Talk Jackie -1am
Formed in 2015, members consist of Cole Lelanc (Vocals & Guitar), Cameron Gravelle (Bass), and Steve Vanden Engel (Drums). "We play music for the love, the high, the feeling of creating something. ...If you want to know what we are all about, just listen to the music. Come out to a live show and let loose!"

Rocket Surgery - 12am
Years ago, Rueben DeGroot investigated a possible zombie apocalypse, but turns out they were just a regular folks helplessly wandering lower Princess St. seeing a 7-piece band resembling Steely Dan with Star Wars undertones. Ever the crowd-pleaser, he assembled a fine band (including bandmates of Joe Chithalen) at The Toucan (Monday's), when they're not touring the Kessel Run.

Apollo - 11pm
Presenting a diverse mix of musical styles raning froom hip hop to alternative rock, since early 2014 they've been recording original songs to build a portfolio. Adam Chartrand, Vidal Ortiz, Kyle Palmer and Lucas Ruddell continue to make a name for themselves around southern Ontario. 

Almost Kennedy - 10pm
This alt-rock four piece, based in Ottawa, formed in 2016. They've spent the last year playing shows and festival dates across Ontario. Following their recently released single "Come Find Me", they will be heading back into the stufio in May to finish recording a second EP. 

Sweep Trio - 9pm
This Kingston blues and indie-rock outfit focused on tight live chemistry and improvisation. Vocalist/guitarist Sean Patterson, bassist Logan Morris, and drummer Jordan Bulhoes present a diverse background of musical styles and influences. Punchy funk and blues-styled riffs, combined with catchu hooks and thoughtful songwriting, make for an exciting and fresh live experience - never the same way twice.

May 2

Rueben deGroot & Rocket Surgery


Enjoy the great sounds of Rueben De Groot and his band Rocket Surgery's ole time rock and roll. No cover charge.

Apr 30

The Rotted Roots Ramblers

Starting out as a duo in the summer of 2012, the pair has since grown into a 4 piece with the addition of Ken Globe on Upright Bass and Mike Ouellette on Washboard.

Apr 26

Glasgow Kisses

The Glasgow Kisses last show!! Come on down to the pub for your last chance to see The Glasgow Kisses before Gav leaves 

Apr 16


Apollo was formed by four graduates of the MDM program at St. Lawrence college in Kingston Ontario. They play a wide range of covers from Gorillaz to The Beatles along with many original songs.

Apr 15


ZOOBOMBS incorporates various influences including blues/psychederic rock,electric jazz improvisation, primitive ethnic music, and the rhythmic complexity of Hip Hop/ Funk into their sound.

Apr 9

Listen Up Kid

LIsten Up Kid create elaborately layered melodies and poetic lyrics, both of which embody the essence alternative rock.